Girl in Red @ by:Larm

Foto: Johannes Andersen
Girl in Red was one of the by:Larm concerts that both the public and the people from the music industry had the highest expectations about. With only a few previous live performances beforehand, Marie Ulven appeared in front of a full venue at Blå only to successfully fulfill all the expectations around her.  

Originally from Horten, Girl in Red writes, records, and produces all her music from her very own room. She  has managed to grab the attention of the public by cleverly using social media and streaming to reach a broader audience.  This is the perfect night to perform in front of that new audience but also to delight her regular fans.

She is young, fun, energetic, and writes songs where simple lyrics hold deep emotions that touches her audience. The themes are based around her own experiences about sorrow, teenage love, her girlfriend, and the everyday life. Her voice is nice and mellow at times, but strong and powerful when needed. I would however appreciate more if she would pronounce her lyrics in more clear way. I guess is something it will come naturally with more stage experience.

Red roses

Girl in Red makes an immediate connection with her audience. You can tell she is enjoying herself on the stage.

She performed songs from her EP «Chapter 1» from 2018 and some of her new singles. A classic band setup consisting of five members and herself playing the guitar as well, Girl in Red delivers a fresh style of indie rock, with hints of lo-fi and pop. When I listened her songs at home I got the impression of a more dreamy, lo-fi sound of the likes of Beach House, Alvvays or Tennis. But on stage she was definitely more like classic rock from the 80s, which to me was a very pleasant surprise.  

Girl in Red makes an immediate connection with her audience. You can tell she is enjoying herself on the stage and that she has a solid group of fans who chants every song: we fell in love in October and summer depression, among others.  During her last song i wanna be your girlfriend she suddenly jumps on the crowd who joyfully carries her around in an amazing display of energy and connection between artist and audience. When placed back on the stage she takes a bunch of red roses and throw them to public, in what I take as a cute gesture and a way to thank her audience.

It was a great show and I certainly hope this is only the beginning. Hopefully a lot more roses will be thrown around in different venues at home and abroad. Girl In Red could be a flagcarrier of Norwegian indie rock in the future.  

Girl In Red @ by:Larm 2019: 9/10

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